Syncplay 1.4.0 (RC4)

Posted by Etoh on December 23, 2016

RC3 of Syncplay 1.4.0 brings a number of tweaks, bug fixes, and compatibility improvements and RC4 adds one minor VLC tweak. This should be considered the latest ‘stable’ release of Syncplay.

Download links:

Windows installer:
Windows portable:
Linux Tarball:
Source code repository:

Syncplay is not properly supported on Mac as none of the core Syncplay developers have a Mac. If you know any good OS X Python developers then please ask them to help resolve our outstanding OS X issues.

Only change in RC4 (compared to RC3):

  • Better handle VLC position reporting imprecision for all AVI files and for MKV files that have an incorrect or low framerate (VLC tickets #17658 and #17126). There may still be some issues with these files, but far fewer.

Notable bug fixes in RC3 (compared to RC2):

  • Updated Russian translation (by Corwin)
  • Add “edit playlist” option and  “add X as trusted domain” playlist menu options to playlist context menu
  • Increase folder timeout thresholds and reduce false-positives of folder timeout
  • Use “store and run” as default GuiConfig button unless –no-store switch specified
  • Improved shared playlist support (e.g. address bugs which caused files to switch unexpectedly or not advance properly, or erroneously set people as not ready when advancing)
  • Added support for Support for DESTDIR and PREFIX in Makefile (#114 by Hummer12007, fixing #110 by diogocp)
  • Fixed issues with VLC support and added VLC3 support (inc. #108 and PR #109 by Pilotat)
  • Fix issues with mpv dropping old ‘length’ property; needed for mpv >=0.23.0 compatibility (PR #120 by wiiaboo)
  • (mpv) remove remove scaletempo filter command line switch and more selectively disable verbosity (#106 by wiiaboo)
  • Prevent import error message from being displayed when GUI is disabled on systems without PySide (#117 by Hummer12007)
  • Prevent media player from re-opening same file on double-click from Syncplay UI, which caused rewind on some players
  • Fix double join message when entering a room with no file on servers with isolated rooms enabled (#123 reported by Corwin, fixed by Uriziel)
  • Improved support for Unicode URLs (issue reported by lyk)
  • Move to NSIS3 for improved security (resolves #121 by Armada651)
  • Fix issue with icons being misaligned in elements made taller due to text scaling
  • …the full Syncplay 1.4.0 changelog is available at:

Note: For the first 30 minutes this post linked to RC2 version of the installer. If you use the ‘check for updates’ feature and Syncplay says you are out of date then please re-download.

Contact us

As usual, if you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Github users can also create an issue, or you could tweet us @syncplay or like us on Facebook.

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