Pausing, unpausing and seeking are synchronized over the Internet, giving everyone playing the same file in the same virtual room a shared viewing experience. Use alongside VoIP software, e.g. Mumble or Skype.

“3..2..1.. Play! …No wait, pause! …No wait, argh!” — What people had to shout before Syncplay.

Where can I get Syncplay 1.3.4?

Get Syncplay (Windows) Get Syncplay (Linux) Get Syncplay (OS X)

Source code:
Debian package (created by Ikem):

OS X users: Support for Mac is experimental as none of the core Syncplay developers have a Mac. If you know any good OS X Python developers then please ask them to help us improve our support for OS X.

How can I report bugs?

…But first check out the Support section to see if the problem can be resolved.