Syncplay Changelog

Key / Legend: + New, * Changed, ! Fixed

1.7.3 (30 April 2024)

Bug fixes and maintenance:

  • Fix MPV socket getting created in CWD folder rand only create second pipe if manually specified using input-ipc-server per player argument (#675 fixes #674, by @notpeelz)
  • Add support for mpv installed from Microsoft store (#662 by @soredake)
  • Fix invalid string escapes (#677 by @notpeelz)

1.7.2 (5 April 2024)

Improvements, bug fixes and maintenance:

  • Add new per-user path (#659 by @soredake)
  • Pass input-ipc-server player argument to mpv (#529 and #669 raised by @ahmubashshir and @soredake and @iamkroot resolved by @Et0h et al)
  • Fix –no-gui PySide dependency issue on non-Windows OS (#653 raised by @reboot-mk, resolved by @Et0h)
  • Fixed German Translation and added more Translated Strings (#649 by @maxwai)
  • Remove adding executable permissions to .desktop files (#667 raised by @notpeelz and resolved by @daniel-123)
  • Allow player arguments with spaces/quotes (#665 and #668 raised by @zuluwi  and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Fixed MPC-HC hanging issue involving ‘LRESULT’ error (#664 raised by @RFOyashiro and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Add missing dependency to deb package (@daniel-123)
  • Don’t log all 32/64-bit cryptography ‘frozen zipimport’ errors (@Et0h)
  • Provide more information on PySide load failure (@Et0h)
  • Avoid error when closing Syncplay before loadDelayedPath is complete (@Et0h)

1.7.1 (25 November 2023)

Headline changes:

  • Adding –interface-ipv4 and –interface-ipv6 command line switches to server to allow better control over binding to interfaces (#582 by @powerjungle)
  • Now offering a SyncplayConsole.exe bundle. This is a command line version of the Syncplay client for Windows (#630 / #450 suggested by @siferati and coded by @Et0h).
  • AppImage support discontinued (#643).
  • Use PySide6 Python >= 3.12 and continue to use it macOS (#645 by @luk1337)


  • Re-work readiness notifications for non-operators (#607 raised by @BlepBlep and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Show current offset in set offset dialog (#642 suggested and tested by @Xeiv, resolved by @Et0h)

Bug fixes and maintenance:

  • Fix ArchLinux GUI TypeError (#600 raised by @YamiDoesDev and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Playlist restoration should not undo clearing actions (#609 raised by @gavtroy and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Support player arguments like –no-border in mpv (#616 raised by @ducreyna  and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Ensure MPC-HC resets position on playlist change (#618 raised by @mbalandis and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Define desktop filename for Wayland compliance to fix icon (#627 by @z411)
  • Fix offset sub-second precision bug (#642 identified @Xeiv, resolved by @Et0h)
  • Remove broken setAlignment calls (#646 by @luk1337)
  • Don’t pass empty model to QCompleter (#647 by @luk1337)

1.7.0 (29 March 2023)

Headline additions:

  • Add room permanence option to server (#434 by @Assistant with additional work in #487 by @Et0h and #492 by @odrling)
  • Add dark mode support for Windows (#483) by @Et0h
  • Syncplay now supports five more languages:
  • Add playlist-related commands ( by @Et0h and #518 by @rtix):
    • /qa [file/url] – add file or url to bottom of playlist
    • /qas [file/url] – add file or url to bottom of playlist and select it
    • /ql – show the current playlist
    • /qs [index] – select given entry in the playlist
    • /qn – select next entry in the playlist
    • /qd [index] – delete the given entry from the playlist
  • We now use a macOS universal2 binary (with native code for both Intel and Apple Silicon (@albertosottile)

Other improvements:

Bug Fixes:


  • Remove Encoding from .desktop files as it’s depreciated now and add Keywords entry to .desktop files. (@daniel-123)
  • Add Windows Store path support (issue #494 raised by @soredake and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Correct persistence argument type (#496 by @modwizcode)
  • Log –debug as UTF-8 to fix charmap mapping (#586 by @Et0h)
  • Add deprecation notice for offset help (#435 by @Et0h) – Note: This does not mean the feature has been removed, it means that we don’t recommend using it and we don’t promise to maintain support for it forever.
  • macOS: bundle PySide6, create a universal2 app; and explicitly exclude tkinter (@albertosottile)
  • macOS build: upgrade to Python 3.9 and PySide2 5.15.2 (@albertosottile)
  • Bundle into AppImage (#432 by @teohhanhui)

1.6.9 (18 August 2021)

  • Moves back to a 32-bit build of Windows, fixing problems for those on 32-bit Windows or who only had the 32-bit version of the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package (issue #425 raised by @Kehanort and resolved by @Et0h with support from others). To help address future issues of this nature Syncplay now also sends information on the system’s platform when updating.
  • Removed references to our discontinued IRC channel, and instead directing people to and (responding to issue #430 raised by @Mikaela)
  • Bundle libxcb1 into AppImage to fix problems on Debian 10 (issue #380 reported by @zyusouken , resolved by @daniel-123)
  • Bundle into AppImage (PR #432 by @teohhanhui to address their issue #431)
  • Update and improve Brazilian Portuguese translation (PR #422 by @AtilioA)

1.6.8 (22 May 2021)

Headline additions:

  • Added server-only Debian package (PR #382 by daniel-123 responding to suggesion #375 by tippl)
  • Add manpages (implemented by daniel-128 based on work contributed by Bruno Kleinert in #398)

Tweaks and bug fixes include:

  • Improve playlist advancement for VLC and mpv (PR #397 by Et0h, responding to #334 by Canageek)
  • Fix VLC connection issues
  • Update mpv vendor code (daniel-123 & albertosottile; see PR #400)
  • Added more MPC-HC paths (#398 raised by MarisKori, resolve by Et0h)
  • Fix issues with per-player arguments (#266 raised by LiteracyFanatic, resolved by Et0h)
  • Update to Russian translations (#372 by OlegSmelov)
  • Various improvements to the Deb script (coded by daniel-123)
  • Add some input characters for mpv, some of which might work (#370 raised by jvschiavo and implemented by Et0h)
  • (Hopefully) ignore benign AA_EnableHighDpiScaling error (see #388 post by @Et0h)
  • Move from AppVeyor to GitHub Actions (#399 by albertosottile)
  • Add notice for Python in third party collection file (PR #404 by albertosottile)
  • Discontinue support for snap packages (as explained in #376 by daniel-123)

1.6.7 (12 December 2020)


  • Added server-only Debian package (PR #382 by daniel-123 responding to suggesion #375 by tippl)
  • Add manpages (implemented by daniel-128 based on work contributed by Bruno Kleinert in #398)

Tweaks and bug fixes include:

  • Improve playlist advancement for VLC and mpv (PR #397 by Et0h, responding to #334 by Canageek)
  • Fix VLC connection issues
  • Update mpv vendor code (daniel-123 & albertosottile; see PR #400)
  • Added more MPC-HC paths (#398 raised by MarisKori, resolve by Et0h)
  • Fix issues with per-player arguments (#266 raised by LiteracyFanatic, resolved by Et0h)
  • Update to Russian translations (#372 by OlegSmelov)
  • Various improvements to the Deb script (coded by daniel-123)
  • Add some input characters for mpv, some of which might work (#370 raised by jvschiavo and implemented by Et0h)
  • (Hopefully) ignore benign AA_EnableHighDpiScaling error (see #388 post by Et0h)
  • Move from AppVeyor to GitHub Actions (#399 by albertosottile)
  • Add notice for Python in third party collection file  (PR #404 by albertosottile)

1.6.7 (12 December 2020)

  • Headline changes:
    • Fix Syncplay v1.6.6 VLC connection issue (#365 raised by smiba and JacopoMolteni, resolved by Et0h)
    • Add support for IINA player (#360 by albertosottile)
    • Add Turkish translation (#364 by muaz742)
    • Update Russian translation (#363 by OlegSmelov)


    • Update version of py2exe used (albertosottile)
    • Move python_mpv_jsonipc to the vendor folder (#369 by albertosottile)
    • Actually save/load autoplayRequireSameFilenames (Et0h)
    • Make language list alphabetical for consistency (Et0h)
    • Create icons folder if it doesn’t exist (#367 by @Lctrs)

1.6.6 (21 October 2020)

  • Move to Twisted for VLC communication (#353 by albertosottile)
  • Add warning about erroneous VLC seeks and incompatibility with VLC 4 and always update VLC syncplay.lua (#354 raised by AustinSumigray, code by et0h)
  • Allow = sign in value of command line options again (#333 raised by alexbobp and Spincervino, resolved by et0h)
  • Fix “Unhandled Error” issue (#352 raised by gnull, resolved by et0h)
  • Allow PySide2 5.15.1 (#321 raised by C0rn3j, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Ability to control playlist from console, chat and mpv chat (#327, #316 and #319 – initial code by csandras05 with additional code by odrling
    odrling and et0h
  • MPV: Add possibility to control which socket to use (#320 by TaPO4eg3D and young-shounen)
  • Changed mpvnet icon from .ico to .png for consistency (#348 by mentofa123)
  • Room history feature (#336#337 by Gbd199, with additional coding by Et0h)
  • Fixed MPC crashes when trying to open YouTube videos with emojis (#328 by borislav-draganov)
  • Fix error with double quotes in mpv chat messages (#329 raised by KanChiMoe, resolved by et0h)
  • Disable native wayland for snap (issue resolved by daniel-123)

1.6.5 (21 June 2020)

  • Added initial support for (issue #246 raised by Z3ROGRAV1TYx  and resolved by Et0h with support from stax76)
  • mpv: Moved from STDN/STDOUT to using iwaltons3’s library JSON-IPC library to support mpv > 0.32.0 (#261 raised by wiiaboo and again in #286 by da-moo, resolved by Et0h in #310)
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translation (#291 by AtilioA, with tweaks in #317 by artur309)
  • Added European Portuguese translation (#317 by artur309)
  • Added Debian packages (#318 by daniel-123)
  • Allow loading of playlists from a file (Et0h)
  • Allow managed room password to be specified in room name for auto authentication, e.g. by joining +RoomName:E974AACDBEC6:MA-746-375 (Inspired by #216 raised by jimmydorry , added by Et0h)
  • Add simple wildcard matching mechanism for trusted domains (#306 by seitokaichouseitokaichou)
  • VLC: Resolve issues with some Snap configurations (#301 raised by nlieb  and partially resold by bobismijnnaam and Et0h)
  • macOS: Improve language detection/choice, e.g incorrectly showing German menus (#268 raised by Duamer and #288 raised by v-ji and others , both resolved by albertosottile)
  • Allow seamless advancement of music files in the playlist (by Et0h, see #302 for discussion)
  • Change of behaviour and fixes to how pause and seek work on joining a room to reduce playback disruption (#315 by Et0h)
  • Workaround performance regression in mpv’s osd code (#295 & #296 by FichteFoll)
  • Fixed issue with TLS on some systems, e.g. Fedora 31 (#292 raised by Phidica, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Fixed trailing newlines break message (#300 raised by lc-guy, resolved by Etoh)
  • mpv: Improve error handling and display meaningful advice if load fails (#270 raised by Gnuxie, resolved by Et0h)
  • mpv: Add Turkish characters to chat input (#314 by lilcsz, resolved by Et0h)
  • Fixed chat font change not being stored (#281 raised by SingerCo, resolved in #311 by NoahSaso)
  • Improved/updated German translation (#287 by v-ji/Viktor)
  • Misspell: change “inteface” to “interface” (PR #247 by Lqlsoftware)
  • Remove ruby reinstall workaround for openssl, as not needed (#279 by palfrey)
  • TLS: Add error message if SAN doesn’t match hostname (#253 by kidburglar)
  • Various fixes and tweaks, including avoiding a “You are all alone” messages on connect (Et0h)
  • Add Python 3.8 to list of supported versions (#304 raised by ElDavoo, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Makefile: Create pixmaps folder if it doesn’t exist (daniel-123)
  • Fixed setClient typo (#282 raised by Siky, resolved by Et0h)

1.6.4a (23 June 2019)

  • Fixed bug in 1.6.4 whereby prompts for further information in the configuration window sometimes resulted in the window closing rather than displaying the error (issue #240 was in initial release of 1.6.4, raised by TETYYS, resolved by Et0h)
  • [macOS] Fixed issue with information prompts resulting in incorrect configuration window height (763406b by albertosottile)
  • [Windows] Fixed issue which prevented TLS from working when using installer (#241 rasied by Tremolo4, resolved by albertosottile)

1.6.4 (21 June 2019)

  • Add TLS (SSL) support in the Windows binaries. Opportunistic TLS is now supported on all platforms (included in PR #231 by albertosottile, requested in #217 by alxpettit)
  • Add support for releasing via Snap and AppImage. Travis CI now automatically builds releases for macOS, Snap, and AppImage after every commit. This version of Syncplay is also published in the Snap store and on AppImageHub (Snap: PR #231 by albertosottile, requested in #199 by Mikaela; AppImage: coded by albertosottile)
  • Add support for installing Syncplay using setuptools via a script. This required a change in our folder structure, though this change should not affect end-users. (PR #231 by albertosottile, contributions by Et0h and ObserverOfTime via PR #230, suggested in #207 by alxpettit)
  • Remove the “Update list” button for public servers from the configuration dialog (PR #233 by Et0h)
  • [macOS] Add support for Dark Mode in macOS 10.14 Mojave (bc242c2 by albertosottile)
  • [macOS] Add an Edit menu in the OS menubar to enable Dictation support and native Emoji picker in the chat input field (albertosottile)
  • Fix an issue that prevented to use SMPlayer (issue #234 raised by elvissteinjr and resolved by Et0h)
  • Some images in the GUI now scale their pixel density for Hi-DPI/Retina displays (819e6b6 and 8f5b77c by albertosottile)
  • [macOS and Linux] Fix selection highlight in the user list of the main dialog (albertosottile)
  • [macOS] Fix a bug that loaded a random string in the password field of the config UI (b3545a3 by albertosottile)
  • [Linux] Support the VLC Snap as player (issue #222 raised by RogueScholar and resolved by albertosottile)
  • [macOS] Several tweaks to the position of elements in the main and config dialogs (albertosottile)
  • Add getValueForOS function in constants to store and extract different values for different operating systems (ff6bb74 by albertosottile)
  • [Windows] All the png files in resources are now automatically included in the distribution bundles (3a4cf41 by albertosottile)
  • Do not ask anymore to “Press enter to exit” after closing mpv when Syncplay is used from its CLI (issue #238 raised by alxpettit and resolved by albertosottile)
  • Embed darkdetect (GitHub, BSD-3-Clause) version 0.1.1 in the project vendor folder
  • Some files in the repository are now released under the MIT license, while the repository stays on Apache 2.0. This is explicitly stated in the header of those files. At this moment, this exception applies to and travis/
  • [macOS] Upgrade PySide2 to 5.12.3, using a bottle created in our custom tap.
  • Upgrade qt5reactor to version 0.5
  • [Windows] Upgrade py2exe to version
  • [Windows] Upgrade PySide2 to version 5.12.3

1.6.3 (16 March 2019)

  • New Syncplay logo by catlinman as per his announcement (PR #219 by catlinman)
  • IPv6 support (PR #215 by albertosottile ,requested in Issue #107 by dawnMachine)
  • Initial TLS (SSL) support (PR  #233 by albertosottile, and requested in #217 by alxpettit)
  • Spanish Language support (PR #227 by bcattaneo)
  • Automatically copy offer VLC interface script when it is needed (PR #220 by Et0h fixed Issue #193)
  • Fix a VLC bug (Issue #213 raised by mechchicken resolved by albertosottile)
  • Handle non-UTF8 messages to server (fixes Issue #210, based on PR #214 by xNinjaKittyx)
  • Use high-DPI scaling where available (Etoh)
  • Print error message if Twisted fails (Etoh)
  • Fix bug which meant that –max-chat-message-length can’t be used to raise the maximum length (Issue #224 resolved by Etoh, raised by csritu)
  • Fixed bug which meant that youtube-dl did not work on macOS (Issue #228 raised by brenolf, resolved by albertosottile)

1.6.2 (16th January 2019)

  • Update AppVeyor to pypiwin32 and PySide2 5.12.0; use the PySide 5.11 homebrew bottle (albertosottile, resolves #208).
    Note: This should resolve issues on Windows with Syncplay not loading (but you may need to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Package)
  • Allow for settings variables to be stored in environmental variables (#211 by mordner)
  • Create XDG_CONFIG_HOME with safe permissions (#209 by sometoby)

1.6.1 (13th November 2018)

  • Fixed server bug relating to managed rooms on public servers introduced in 1.6.0 (Commit by albertosottile based on code suggested by jonipin addressing Issue #205 by jonipin)
  • Add custom error message if Twisted is not installed (Commit by albertosottile in response to Issue #206 by Xcelled)

1.6.0 (30th September 2018)

  • Transition to Python 3, and move Windows builds to PySide2-Qt 5.11.1. (Issue #169 by FSMaxB with input by albertosottile, xNinjaKittyx, and et0h) resolved by PR #191 (by albertosottile with support from xNinjaKittyx, wiiabo and et0h) with fix by PR #200 (alxpettit)
  • The Linux requirements have now changed, so you’ll now need Python 3.4+or newer and either PySide 1.2 or PySide 2-Qt 5.10+. Python 3.5 is required for Windows developers,
  • As a result of the transition the newer Unicode characters are now supported on all operating systems (so long as you are on PySide2!). Time to find out some emojis! ????
  • Introduction of anonymous server statistics (#196 by albertosottile, with code review by Uriziel and et0h)
  • Code syntax refactoring (#195 by xNinjaKittyx with code review by albertosottile and et0h)
  • Removed obsolete encode/decode calls (#198 by sometoby)

1.5.5 (7 July 2018)

  • Fixed bug opening Syncplay with a file on non-Windows systems introduced in 1.5.4

1.5.4 (5 July 2018)

  • Transition default macOS build to PySide2 and Qt 5.x (PR #185 by albertosottile; resolves #149)
  • Specify minimum macOS version for .app bundle. People on older versions of macOS should use the legacy version of Syncplay.
  • Fixed macOS certificate bug (#184)
  • Add support for ‘portable’ versions of media players (MPC-HC, MPC-BE and VLC).
  • Fixed bug of VLC “invalid URL error” when attempting to play an HTTPS stream with square brackets (#187)
  • Changed config path logic to support XDG Change config path logic to support XDG (PR #188 by sometoby)
  • Fixed some Unicode and Italian translation issues (PR #179 by albertosottile)
  • Updated the about dialog (albertosottile)
  • Bundle syncplayServer in py2app (albertosottile)
  • Future-proofing configuration reading for compatibility with Python 3 version of Syncplay (albertosottile)
  • Set macOS version to 10.11+ (those on older versions should use the legacy build)

1.5.3a (12 April 2018)

  • ! Fixes issue with mpv on macOS (#181 raised by sometoby and resolved by albertosottile)

1.5.3 (7 April 2018)

  • Fixed various Unicode and macOS bugs (#179 by albertosottile)
  • Fixed issue o readiness message not showing up in Italian translation when file difference detected (#179 by albertosottile)
  • Fixed SSL issue which prevented Windows builds from checking for updates (Etoh)

1.5.2 (2 March 2018)

  • + Added initial in-player chat input/output support for mpv (#168 implemented by Etoh; uses lua code adapted from repl.lua by James Ross-Gowan; additional assistance provided by iCON, James Ross-Gowan, Argon-, wm4, uau and others with contributions of additional keyboard characters in #172 & #174 by sztelke & Corginyan)
  • + Added support for Italian (#176 – translated by nico769, reviewed by albertosottile)
  • + Added –max-username-length and –max-chat-message-length server options
  • * Increased maximum default username and chat message limits to 150 characters.
  • ! Fixed recognition of MPC-HC executable bundled with K-Lite (*_nvo.exe filenames)
  • ! Fixed handling of file duration in mpv >~0.28.0 caused by mpv commit 877775f
  • ! Fixed crash when user in CLI mode is in room with a playlist
  • ! Fixed issue with configuration window being a modal window on macOS (#179 raised by blaenk and resolved by albertosottile)

1.5.1 (25 December 2017)

  • + Added support for PySide 2 (#152 – code by albertosottile)
  • + Added support for MPC-BE (#68, #158 – thanks to MPC-BE changes by v0lt)
  • ! Fixed Syncplay issue with VLC 4 (#161)

1.5.0 (16 November 2017)

  • + Initial chat support [based on #90 by abhsag24]
  • + Initial proper support for OS X [thanks to albertosottile et al.  – based on PRs #143#145#148#150, and fixes issues #60, #116, #89 #142#146, etc]
  • + Added about box (albertosottile)
  • * Manually changing playlist item now also seeks to start of file (suggested in #138 and on IRC)
  • * Various GuiConfig tweaks to increase usability (e.g. only ask for password on servers and don’t ask for media file path by default)
  • * Increase retries and reduce retry delay (suggestion #122 by alok0)
  • * Introduced a maximum username limit of 16 characters (#160 – thanks to everyone who part in the poll)
  • * Changed “Shuffle playlist” into “Shuffle remaining playlist” and “Shuffle entire playlist (discussion at #152 including suggestion by xNinjaKittyx)
  • ! Fixed Unicode issue that occurred when adding files from unknown folders that contained UTF-8 characters (PR #133 based on issue #131 by DarkNikGr)
  • ! Fixed issue when running mpv using –msg-module (reported in issue #134 by Felhamed)
  • ! Fixed some bugs with getting to the end of the file in VLC (albertosottile & Et0h)

1.4.0 (30 January 2017)

  • + Add shared playlists feature
  • * By default auto-play only triggers if everyone is playing the same file
  • * Search for media in user-specified media directories rather than directory of currently playing file (e.g. for double click to switch file)
  • * (UI) Updated Russian translation (by Corwin)
  • * Move to NSIS3 for improved security (resolves #121 by Armada651)
  • ! Better handle VLC position reporting imprecision for all AVI files and for MKV files that have an incorrect or low framerate (VLC tickets #17658 and #17126). There may still be some issues with these files, but far fewer.
  • ! Fix double join message when entering a room with no file on servers with isolated rooms enabled (#123 reported by Corwin, fixed by Uriziel)
  • ! Fix issues with mpv dropping old ‘length’ property; needed mpv for >=0.23.0 compatibility (PR #120 by wiiaboo)
  • ! Fixed issues with VLC support and added VLC3 support (inc. #108 and PR #109 by Pilotat)
  • ! Fix issue with Media Player Classic (not home cinema) being misidentified as mplayer2
  • ! Fix issues with MPC-HC and mpv being sent commands/queries while loading a file (could cause MPC-HC to crash or Syncpplay to freeze)
  • ! Fix bug loading relative config files in folders with UTF-8 characters
  • ! Show menu bar in OS X (#86 by nilsding, addressing an issue from #81)
  • ! Fix bug when loading Unicode files in *NIX (#85 by abhsag24, fixing #84 by minus7)
  • ! Prevent freezing when probing player paths on network drives (#78 by tari)
  • ! Set the correct player executable path when an .app was selected on OS X (#92 by nilsding, fixing #91 by thigan)
  • ! Improved support for Unicode URLs (issue reported by lyk)
  • ! Added support for Support for DESTDIR and PREFIX in Makefile (#114 by Hummer12007, fixing #110 by diogocp)
  • ! Prevent import error message from being displayed when GUI is disabled on systems without PySide (#117 by Hummer12007)
  • ! (mpv) remove remove scaletempo filter command line switch and more selectively disable verbosity (#106 by wiiaboo)
  • ! Prevent media player from re-opening same file on double-click from Syncplay UI, which caused rewind on some players
  • ! Fix issue with icons being misaligned in elements made taller due to text scaling
  • ! Fixed issue with VLC 2 on Linux (#125 reported by blaenk)
  • ! Fixed VLC issue when lua is in lib64 directory (#103 reported by abhsag24, fixed by daniel-123)

1.3.4 (12 October 2015)

  • ! (mpv) If mpv becomes unresponsive try to guess position for 60 seconds then give a critical error [RC2]
  • ! (mpv) Prevents reset of room position when someone joins with no file [RC2]
  • ! Prevents file path from being sent to server (fixes bug introduced in Syncplay 1.3.2) [RC2]
  • * (UI) Updated German translation, e.g. for new features (contributed by DerGenaue)
  • * (GUI) Improve performance of file checking feature (moved folder scanning into separate thread and added caching and 2 min auto re-check)

1.3.3 (31 August 2015)

  • + (GUI) Added “public server list” feature to config dialogue
  • * (GUI) Added 1 second timeout for media search, and made it more efficient
  • * (GUI) Per-player arguments now only shown when “show more options” is enabled

1.3.2 (21 August 2015)

  • + (GUI) Double click to switch media feature (#65 suggested by bitingsock)
  • + (Syncplay) Ability to specify per-player command-line arguments to be passed on to the media players
  • * (UI) Improved Russian language support (PR #71 by BrokeRU)
  • * (GUI) Change to how streams are displayed and checked for name sameness
  • * (mpv/mplayer2) Ability to override arguments (PR #69 by wiiaboo)
  • * (mpv) Shows YouTube-DL errors

1.3.1 (29 May 2015)

  • * Don’t use –slave-broken mode in mpv on Windows as it was removed for mpv 0.10.0 (PR #63 by wiiaboo)

1.3.0 (17 May 2015)

  • New core features:
    • + Managed Rooms support – allows you to create ‘rooms’ where only those with the right password can seek, pause and unpause
    • + Readiness indicator – Allows you to know whether or not fellow viewers are ready to watch.
      • + Auto-play when everyone is ready – Allows for automatic unpausing after 3 second countdown when everyone is ready (with minimum user threshold). The auto-play pressbutton for this can enabled via ‘Window’ -> ‘Show auto-play button’ option in the main Syncplay menu bar.
      • + Configuration of ‘unpause’ behaviour – It will always set you as ‘ready’ and unpauses if you are already set as ‘ready’, but you can configure in which circumstances it will unpause if previously not set as ‘ready’. Configure via the ‘Pause/Unpause’ section of the ‘more’ Syncplay settings
    • + Added option to jump forward if lagging behind (for non-controllers in controlled rooms, or people with ‘Never Slow Down or Rewind Others’ enabled)
    • + Added ‘auto-update’ and ‘update check’ functionality (configurable via ‘Misc’ part of ‘more’ settings)
  • GUI:
    • ! Fixed bug getting size of UTF-8 files
    • + New “Include events from non-controllers in controllers rooms” OSD message option
    • + Pressing escape now exits the Syncplay configuration window
    • * Warning and readiness messages are now dealt with separately from regular OSD messages (with precise behaviour depending on the media player used)
    • * Only trigger mismatch check if someone joins your room or changes files within your room
    • * ‘List of who is being what’ now has individual tabs for ‘Size’, ‘Length’ and ‘Filename’, and differences are highlighted in red+underline
    • * Play, pause, seek buttons now accessible from menu bar. Old UI buttons can be enabled by checking ‘Show playback buttons’ in ‘Window’ section of the main Syncplay Window menubar.
    • * Various minor improvements to main GUI and configuration GUI
    • * Removed “Show label” option
    • * Removed ‘Show Tooltips’ option (now only accessible via SHOW_TOOLTIPS constant)
    • * Removed sync thresholds from GUI (they are still changeable via editing .syncplay / syncplay.ini)
  • Language:
    • ! Fixed various typos and language errors
    • + Allow users to change language from the configuration GUI
    • + Added support for German (contributed by DerGenaue and nilsding)
    • + Added support for Russian (contributed by BrokeRU), which also meant moving to the Unicode version of NSIS
    • + Added locale detection for new default ‘automatic’ language
    • * Removed support for Polish (which wasn’t really supported anyway)
  • mpv/mplayer:
    • + You can now open mpv without a video (thanks wiiabo) [#53]
    • ! Improved support for the latest version of mpv (and older versions)
    • ! Fixed a bug for handling Unicode files in mplayer/mpv
    • * Now mplayer2 and mpv keep pitch constant during slowdown
  • VLC:
    • ! Fix to locale issues that caused problems with VLC on some systems
    • ! Fixed a VLC issue which causes video to freeze on subtitle errors (thanks Darkman802)
    • * Give warning if not running VLC 2.2.1+ due to issue which resulted in erroneous small seeks to be detected for some users
  • Other:
    • ! You can no longer slow down due to time difference with oneself
    • ! You no longer seek/sync when you pause [#58]
    • + Initial *BSD support (code contributed by nilsding)
    • + Added ‘list missing/unused strings’ feature, run when using BuildPy2exe to generate Windows installer
    • + Added functionality to ‘debug’ feature, so it now gives information on Syncplay communications with the server, VLC, mplayer2 and mpv (but not MPC-HC)
    • + Added support for warning messages to be displayed in addition to regular OSD messages (in middle of screen if supported by player)
    • * Removed dropping on client-side due to version mismatch
    • * Minor changes to better support a XBMC player, e.g. allow executable paths that are URLs
    • * Various minor tweaks shown in the commit log

1.2.9a (27 August 2014)

  • ! Fix to make Syncplay give an error when using mpv 0.5.0 on Windows and work with mpv 0.5.0 on other operating systems
  • ! Fix to pause button label text.

1.2.9 (11 August 2014)

  • + If you drag a file onto Syncplay while holding shift it rewinds the file (prompted by nnamrrehdlopoel/DerGenaue)
  • + Added a tabbed Configuration GUI ‘more’ mode, including a “restore defaults” feature, and the following new config options (some of which were previously constants):
    • + (Sync) Added options to set slowdown and rewind thresholds, and to disable rewind on desync (although that is not recommended)
    • + (Messages) Added “Show labels on buttons” option (true by default) to allow GUI buttons to be hidden (e.g. so Syncplay window can be thinner)
    • + (Messages) Added “Enable OSD Messages” option, and sub-options for various circumstances. Only affects what OSD message Syncplay sends, not whether the media player has OSD enabled.
    • + (Messages) Added options to disable the developer contact information box
    • + (Messages) Added options to disable tooltips in main GUI
  • + Added tooltips for GUI buttons
  • * Use language specified in config file (group: general, item: language) for Syncplay (note: only English is currently supported; Polish translation is incomplete)
  • * If a user pauses while the leave message is displayed, it now states both that someone left and that someone paused
  • * MPC-HC: Re-classified as not supporting slow-down on desync, because it changing the playback rate is insufficiently smooth and error-free
  • * mpv: use the –keep-open switch so mpv does not close on end of file
  • * VLC: use –play-and-pause switch so VLC does not close on end of file
  • * Windows installer: Search for VLC in more places and allow VLC folder to be changed,
  • * Windows installer: Save language selection for Syncplay to use
  • ! Fixed uncaught problems when running Python versions other than 2.7 (now it tells people to use 2.7)
  • ! Fixed rewind on change to empty room
  • ! mplayer: Fixed handling of file switches (seeking and pause state)
  • ! Fixed UTF-8 breaking when there is a difference in filename, size or duration
  • ! Fixed bug where first prepended command line argument was treated as file path if no file was specified
  • ! Fixed file size privacy setting not being saved properly
  • ! Made some drop messages pop-ups so they could be seen before Syncplay closes
  • VLC fixes:
    • ! Fixed UTF-8 not working when loading files into VLC via Syncplay (prompted by nnamrrehdlopoel)
    • ! Fixed VLC not displaying UTF-8 characters in OSD messages
    • ! Fixed VLC interface using excessive CPU (adapted from code by DerGenaue)
    • ! Fixed bug where closing VLC directly from VLC did not close Syncplay and did not end the LUA script
    • ! Fixed VLC closing at end of playlist (by using –play-and-pause switch)
    • ! Fixed VLC bug setting position >1000 on locales with thousand separator enabled (thanks tompreuss)
    • ! Fixed VLC bug with eternal waits on no-input response (thanks tompreuss)
    • ! (Hopefully) Fixed VLC title bug, where title was erroneously set to 1 during input change

1.2.8a (6 May 2014)

  • + Added “Never slow down or rewind others” option
  • ! Fixed incomparability with new version of MPV
  • ! Fixed HTTP stream support for mpv

1.2.8 (27 April 2014)

  • + Added initial support for DVD sync with VLC (not currently supported in other players)
  • + Added optional ‘updated Syncplay available’ notice to be sent to older clients through MOTD system, enabled by default
  • + Added notification of which relative configs are loaded (if any)
  • + Added greater control over when a message is sent to the OSD via new constants
  • + Added ‘SYNC_ON_PAUSE’ constant (true by default) to allow behaviour to be disabled (requested by john24)
  • * Room user list now ordered alphabetically
  • * Information about other rooms is not displayed on OSD by default
  • * Username is now optional. If you do not specify it, a random one will be generated.
  • * Removed experimental HTTP and IRC code
  • ! Fixed MPC-HC failure if loading file on launch too slowly (1.2.7 Rev1)
  • ! Fixed ‘false loading’ bug caused by MPC-HC 1.7.4
  • ! Treat invalid offset value response as error rather than notification
  • ! Allow command line interface to be opened without PySide being installed
  • ! Fixed issue with relative paths in mplayer/mpv
  • ! Fixed makefile handling of single user installations (code contributed by joelixny)
  • ! Fixed handling of invalid ports and % in input
  • ! Fixed popen issue with VLC and Windows XP (reported by reported by /u/supersaw7)
  • Note: Code also contributed by blaenk to ensure Syncplay remained packageable

1.2.7 Biscuit (1 March 2014)

  • Core client features:
    • + Added privacy settings for filename and file size
    • + Added ‘Pause when user leaves’ option
    • + Added invisible configuration option to not rewind on major desync (coded by blaenk – see User Guide for usage details)
    • + Allow syncplay.ini as well as .syncplay files for directory-level configuration files
    • * Temporarily disabled MyAnimeList support (because it was problematic).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • + Added –clear-gui-data commandline switch to allow for path list and window state to be cleared
    • * Various minor UI tweaks changing text and input box sizes
    • ! More consistent capitalisation of text in the Syncplay GUI
    • Configuration Window GUI:
      • + Added tool tips for configuration window (disable by setting SHOW_TOOLTIPS constant to False)
      • + Player executable list now remembers previously added players
      • Added graphics to show currently selected media player
      • + Added ‘Do not rewind on major desync’ checkbox (accessible if SHOW_REWIND_ON_DESYNC_CHECKBOX constant is True)
      • + Added settings for filename/file size privacy settings
      • + Added settings for ‘Pause when user leaves’ options
      • + Added more mpv, VLC and OSX player paths to search for
      • * Moved MyAnimeList and existing checkboxes to ‘More settings’ group
      • ! Default port is stored if no port is specified (rather than previous port being retained)
      • ! Improved expansion of partial player paths and checks for path validity
      • ! Close button forced to appear on Configuration window (as this was not present in some Linux set-ups)
    • Main Window GUI:
      • + Added note of different duration to list of who is playing what in GUI
      • + ‘Not all files in the room are same’ message is displayed after first unpause if that’s the case
      • + ‘You’re alone in the room’ message is displayed after first unpause if that’s the case
      • * ‘Toggle pause’ button replaced by default with ‘play’ and ‘pause’ buttons (so viewers trying to unpause simultaneously doesn’t pause)
      • * Increased duration difference threshold to 2.5 seconds
      • * Filename difference checker now slightly less sensitive (e.g. to ignore difference between underscore and space)
      • ! Difference notes now always appear in list of who is playing what in GUI if the room or filename is the same
      • ! Close and minimise buttons forced to appear in the main Syncplay window (as they were not present in some Linux set-ups)
      • ! Fixed userlist not displaying properly with UTF-8 filenames
      • ! Fixed not displaying filenames of user who joined rooms in isolate mode.
      • ! Fixed duration difference check
      • ! ‘Room / User’ column from list of who is playing what is now automatically resized to fit longer names
  • Server-side:
    • * Improved jitter handling to avoid problems with significantly above-average latency
    • ! Fixed bug that filename is not displayed when user joins room if room isolation is enabled
  • Linux:
    • + Made packageable for Linux (code by blaenk)
    • * VLC support by default (i.e. installs syncplay.lua by default)
    • ! Permissions for executables on linux now enforced (thanks hollander)
  • VLC:
    • + VLC 2.1+ now supported on Windows and Linux
    • * Improved stream support for VLC: allows URLs in configuration window and uses stream title
    • * Improved loading code for VLC: now waits just as long as needed instead of 5 seconds before connecting to VLC
    • * Graceful close for versions of VLC that do not support Syncplay (e.g. VLC 2.1 on Windows)
    • * If VLC 2+ is installed then the option to install syncplay.lua is checked by default in Syncplay installer
    • * VLC 2.0 instructed to use the Syncplay copy of syncplay.lua if an acceptable version is not installed in the VLC intf folder (cheers to jb for pointer on how to do this) – feature not supported in VLC2.1+
    • ! Fixed problem with VLC in locales where the decimal point is a comma
    • ! Added VLC command-line arguments to override quiet and single instance modes (as they cause Syncplay to not  work properly)
    • ! Fixed bug where VLC would not close properly (i.e. it would disappear, but process would never end)
  • mpv:
    • * Improved stream support for mpv: Allows URLs in configuration window
    • ! Fixed support for mpv 0.3 (coded by ion1)
  • mplayer & mpv:
    • ! Fixed handling of UTF-8 for mplayer/mpv
    • ! Fixed pausing on switching files
  • MPC-HC:
    • ! Fixed problems with pauses and seeks while no file is open(e.g. due to joining a room).

1.2.6 Tequila (15 June 2013)

  • Full + Initial UTF-8 support
  • + IRC Bot (experimental, thanks HarHar)
  • + mpv support (including streams – thanks happy)
  • + VLC support (experimental)
  • + MOTD (experimental)
  • + Reply on HTTP requests (experimental)
  • + Added experimental MAL support
  • + Support for directory-level configuration files (‘relative configs’)
  • + Shiny new interface for main window (with two sparkles per cucumber)
  • + Allows for files to be dragged into the configuration window
  • * New interface for configuration window (partially inspired by TacticalGenius230’s interface)
  • * Removed syncplayClientForceConfiguration.bat file for opening configuration
  • * Configuration always opens if no file was provided (not done with open with) or was set like that in configuration window
  • * Syncplay now tries to locate default player on first run
  • * Various improvements to installer and uninstaller
  • * Re-enabled “mplayer” as a valid player name and improved version checking
  • * Forcing precise seeking to fix double jumping in mplayer2/mpv
  • * Move from GTK to PySide
  • * Behaviour of seek on pause changed slightly to be closer to position of pause
  • ! Fixed reconnection time prolonging over multiple disconnections
  • ! Slowdown on desync option is now respected
  • ! Path to player executable not improperly overridden
  • ! Released executables are now working on Windows 8 (thanks titsontrains)
  • ! Fixed Mplayer2 not working with msgcolor (thanks ion1)

1.2.5 Clara (2 January 2013)

  • Installation support for Windows
  • [First official release]

1.2.4 (1 January 2013)

  • Config file is not saved again unless needed
  • Added optimize flags to the default installation on Linux
  • Server optimized to handle many users at the same time
  • Default room always assumes your username now

1.2.3 (29 December 2012)

  • [Alpha release]

1.0.1 (12 October 2012)

  • [Initial  Tequila pre-release]

To-do list