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Ideas for improvements to Syncplay

We’ve got lots of great ideas for Syncplay, many of which have been helpfully suggested by our user. However, at present Syncplay 1.x only has one active core developer, so things might take a while. If you’re a developer then please chat on #Syncplay on about which features you could help developer, or e-mail You can suggest an idea by raising an issue on our GitHub page.

Something we hope to get around to when we have time (volunteers welcome):

  • (If you are interested in adopting this as a feature you wish to develop then let us know!)
  • Get information about currently playing file – e.g. CRC32 checksum
  • Per-server favourite rooms & remembering operator passwords – see issue #216
  • Get paths for Media Players on Windows via registry
  • Conversation & event logging – See issue #201

Would need someone to come on board to develop:

  • Support for more languages  – We can help people who want to help us translate Syncplay into their language!
  • Support for additional media players – Additional media players would need to come from an individual who used that media player and was willing to maintain it, and may require modifications to the media player software itself. Last we checked, SMPlayer and PotPlayer lack the APIs / API Features that Syncplay needed to synchronise playback. It has been reported that SMPlayer may be controllable via mpris 2 but this yet to be investigated. See this forum thread for a discussion of KODI/XBMC suppor, issue #197 for a discussion on MPC-QT support, issue #218 for a discussion of PotPlayer support, and issue #144 for a discussion of IINA support, issue #62 for a discussion of BOMI support.
  • More style customisation options
  • Allowing rooms to have a custom playback rate

Probably adds too much complexity to be worth it:

  • Option to add info columns to the playlist (length, path) (#307)
  • Detachable chat overlay as an option (#258)
  • Expand Protocol: Syncplay URN (#264)
  • Introducing a generic event hook system (#202)

If it happens, it will probably not be until Syncplay 2:

  • Allow for various settings to be changed at runtime
  • Support for moving seen files to a /seen/ folder, etc
  • Support for plugins – Could allow others to develop integration with Ultros bot server, Bittlebee gateway server, Mumble, IRC, MyAnimeList, Android/iOS controllers, etc

Unlikely to ever happen:

  • Support for frame-percent synchronisation, e.g. for public displays – It’d be a lot of work for something which makes no difference for our core purpose, which is allowing for people to synchronise over the Internet (where VoIP latency and the inability to actually see the other screen means any small amount of latency is unimportant).
  • Support for media player’s internal playlists – Use Syncplay’s shared playlists instead

11 Comments to Syncplay ideas and plans

  • Unlikely to ever happen: “Unlikely to ever happen!” =) Anything is possible! Cool software. Keep up the great work!

    • frame locking is a much needed feature,
      especially for android tv and raspberry video wall setup.

      any good alternative?

    • There won’t be a proper OS X version of Syncplay until someone volunteers to do it. Last I checked there were also some technical issues such as PySide not being updated to work with the latest version of OS X yet meaning people have to do hacks like using homebrew versions of qt4. Check out for some relevant discussion.

  • I suggest adding a discord rich presence , it would be cool to have your status on discord : watching ” smthg ” with “…”

  • Please, add support for Kodi !!! I run a Jellyfin/Kodi server for me and my friends and if I could get SyncPlay working with Kodi (from the SyncPlay app or with an addon within Kodi), it would be so awesome ! Please do it !

  • +1 for Kodi support (via either a Kodi plugin or Kodi’s network remote control interface). This would make the Syncplay experience fantastic for those of us with a Kodi-based media player device integrated with our HTPC, but no general-purpose computer for running Syncplay.

  • Good job,keep up the great work!

    Ideas like this are what make the world a smaller, more easily accessible, more socially/personally connected, better place!

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