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Hashes for Syncplay-1.6.0-Setup.exe (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 0d19595948ad2948fe1223bafe7917cb
SHA-1: bd92dc48897d7162f510baa6fdad49701b365f48
SHA256: 71e93862238dd1f33264a215342f4070ffc3e93d005d5656926afa0861973dbf

Hashes for (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 7cb62542f671b40a39de7dd4932b6006
SHA-1 :48a7134d6056ac923795fa9241c52ae4ad4964aa
SHA256: 5f09d73c6b1f34ac5e3da872d13ecbdec7b4b5fadd740b6c1880f01aaca13f11

Hashes for Syncplay_1.6.0.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: 462fd80f7fc7b7d2cc5e40c155f8feb0
SHA-1: e94074db446b1b27a48371fb69e69f61a2adc054
SHA256: 50cb1c5a1d247cf097067c8ef56745366cf63fd916c68d26be3763959195498f

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.3a_macOS_legacy.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: dae13b67f7329f079b1d4f892cbc736a
SHA-1: 8dbde989bb808ab6975617889a826ddde7ac2f59
SHA256: fa1a370aded3e7da3413a3f3a005165e420fcd2eb334ed23cfccedbfd45f8ec3

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg) and VirusTotal (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg). Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is niche software downloaded from the Internet but as we are open source anyone can audit our code if they wish to do so.

Portable version for Windows

Syncplay for Python 2

‘syncplay.lua’ VLC Script 0.3.4

Source Code Repository

Experimental builds