Syncplay keeps your media players in sync
Pausing, unpausing and seeking are synchronized over the Internet, giving everyone playing the same file in the same virtual room a shared viewing experience. Use alongside VoIP software, e.g. Mumble or Skype.

“3..2..1.. Play! …No wait, pause! …No wait, argh!” — What people had to shout before Syncplay.

For best compatibility use Syncplay with mpv media player on Windows, Linux or *BSD.

Where can I get Syncplay 1.5.3a ?

Get Syncplay (Windows) Get Syncplay (Linux) Get Syncplay (macOS)

Source code:

See for details on this release (e.g. md5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 digests).

Note: The primary macOS version is for those using 10.10+. If you are using 10.6.8+ then use the legacy version available from

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg) and VirusTotal (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg). Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is niche software downloaded from the Internet but as we are open source anyone can audit our code if they wish to do so.

How can I report bugs?

…But first check out the Support section to see if the problem can be resolved.