Put Syncplay 1.2.9 RC1 to the test!

Posted by Etoh on July 21, 2014

Release Candidate #1 of Syncplay 1.2.9 is available for testing from https://github.com/Uriziel/syncplay/releases/tag/1.2.9-RC1

Highlights of Syncplay 1.2.9:

  • Improvements config window with greater access to control Syncplay functionality (e.g. OSD messages and rewind/slowdown thresholds).
  • Loads of fixes and tweaks, to make Syncplay run better, especially for VLC users.
  • VLC and mpv stay open after all files have finished playing, so so you do not have to re-open the player. (This was already the case for MPC-HC)
  •  If a user pauses while the leave message is displayed, it now states both that someone left and that someone paused. (Really useful if someone has “Pause when user leaves” enabled!)

See https://syncplay.pl/changelog/ for the full list of changes. Thanks to all who contributed!

This version should have improved support for Mac OSX. If you are having problems then please e-mail us (dev@syncplay.pl) or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on chat.freenode.net). Oh, and if the RC works fine then let us know that as well 🙂

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