Syncplay 1.2.6 is out!

Posted by Etoh on June 15, 2013

Syncplay 1.2.6 is out and can be downloaded from:

Whilst this new release involves an increment of only 0.0.1, it packs in some big changes which helps to explain the six month gap between the release of Syncplay 1.2.5 in January 2013.

The full changelog is available from, but some of the headline additions include:

  1. A shiny new GUI, which involved moving from GTK to PySide. It has two sparkles per cucumber!
  2. Support for the five people in the world who actually use Windows 8.
  3. Experimental VLC support, to complement the support for mpv, player2 and MPC-HC.
  4. Improved OSD messages, so you hopefully can’t fail but know when you are playing the wrong file.
  5. UTF-8 support, for all those people who like to use non-ASCII characters (you know who you are…)
  6. Oh, and experimental support for MyAnimeList for those who like to keep track of what Anime they are watching (or want to help their friends keep track)

Enjoy, and if you are a Python developer then help us work on Syncplay 1.2.7 and beyond ^_^.

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