Syncplay 1.2.7 RC1 out now

Posted by Etoh on November 09, 2013

The release candidate of Syncplay 1.2.7 is now available.

Windows installer:
Linux source:

Update: See Syncplay RC3.

Changes between 1.2.6 and 1.2.7:

  • Core client features:
    • Added filename and file size privacy settings
    • Added ‘Pause when user leaves’ option
    • Added invisible configuration option to not rewind on major desync (coded by blaenk – see User Guide for usage details).
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI):
    • Various minor UI tweaks changing text and input box sizes
    • More consistent capitalisation of text in the Syncplay GUI
    • Added –clear-gui-data commandline switch to allow for path list and window state to be cleared.
    • Configuration Window GUI:
      • Added tool tips for configuration window (disable by setting SHOW_TOOLTIPS constant to False)
      • Player executable list now remembers previously added players
      • Improved expansion of partial player paths and checks for path validity
      • Added graphics to show currently selected media player
      • Close button forced to appear on Configuration window (as this was not present in some Linux set-ups)
      • Added ‘Do not rewind on major desync’ checkbox (accessible if SHOW_REWIND_ON_DESYNC_CHECKBOX constant is True)
      • Added settings for filename/file size privacy settings
      • Added settings for ‘Pause when user leaves’ options
      • Moved MyAnimeList and existing checkboxes to ‘More settings’ group
      • Default port is stored if no port is specified (rather than previous port being retained).
    • Main Window GUI:
      • ‘Room / User’ column from list of who is playing what is now automatically resized to fit longer names
      • Filename difference checker now slightly less sensitive (e.g. to ignore difference between underscore and space)
      • Fixed duration check and increased threshold to 2.5 seconds

      • Added note of different duration to list of who is playing what in GUI
      • Difference notes now always appear in list of who is playing what in GUI if the room or filename is the same
      • ‘Not all files in the room are same’ message is displayed after first unpause if that’s the case
      • ‘You’re alone in the room’ message is displayed after first unpause if that’s the case
      • ‘Toggle pause’ button replaced by default with ‘play’ and ‘pause’ buttons (so viewers trying to unpause simultaneously doesn’t pause)
      • Close and minimise buttons forced to appear in the main Syncplay window (as they were not present in some Linux set-ups)
      • Fixed userlist not displaying properly with UTF-8 filenames
      • Fixed not displaying filenames of user who joined rooms in isolate mode.
  • Server-side:
    • Fixed bug that filename is not displayed when user joins room if room isolation is enabled
    • Improved jitter handling to avoid problems with significantly above-average latency.
  • VLC:
    • Improved stream support for VLC: allows URLs in configuration window and uses stream title
    • Improved loading code for VLC: now waits just as long as needed instead of 5 seconds before connecting to VLC
    • Graceful close for versions of VLC that do not support Syncplay (e.g. VLC 2.1 on Windows)
    • If VLC 2+ is installed then the option to install syncplay.lua is checked by default in Syncplay installer
    • VLC instructed to use the Syncplay copy of syncplay.lua if an acceptable version is not installed in the VLC intf folder (cheers to jb for pointer on how to do this)
    • Fixed problem with VLC in locales where the decimal point is a comma
    • Added VLC command-line arguments to override quiet and single instance modes (as they cause Syncplay to not  work properly).
  • mpv:
    • Improved stream support for mpv: Allows URLs in configuration window.
  • mplayer & mpv:
    • Fixed handling of UTF-8 for mplayer/mpv.
    • Fixed pausing on switching files.
  • MPC-HC:
    • Fixed problem with pauses and seeks while no file is paused (e.g. due to joining a room).

P.S. Support for MyAnimeList isn’t currently working due to issues over at MAL – some changes might be needed before the final release to get it to work again.

You can give feedback on the #syncplay IRC channel on freenode. Rather than donations, if you want to think us you could consider drawing a picture and sending it to urizieli [at]

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  • Cheers, I’m glad you like the project Mindey. It’s interesting to see your attempt at a Python-based simulwatch solution.