Syncplay 1.2.7 RC4 out now!

Posted by Etoh on February 21, 2014

Syncplay 1.2.7 RC4 is available from:

Additions (+), changes (*) and bug fixes (!) compared to RC3:

  • + Allow syncplay.ini as well as .syncplay files for directory-level configuration files
  • + Made packageable for Linux (code by blaenk)
  • + Added more MPV, VLC and OSX player paths to search for
  • * Various tweaks to syncplay.lua
  • * VLC support now installs by default on Linux
  • ! Improved UTF-8 support in mplayer, mpv and userlist
  • ! Avoid TypeError if ShowMoreSettings is saved as a boolean (code by solarnz)
  • ! Don’t show MAL privacy notification if no libMal
  • ! Fixed problem which made it not work with MPV 0.3 (code by ion1)
  • ! Fixed problems with pauses and seeks while no file is open on MPC-HC (e.g. due to joining a room)
  • ! Fixed bug where VLC would not close properly (i.e. it would disappear, but process would never end)

Full changelog available from:

Hopefully this will become Syncplay 1.2.7 Final and we can start working on the next version.

As always, you can discuss this release in the #Syncplay IRC channel on  If we’re not around you may have to idle on the channel to get a response, but we will read everything that is posted.

P.S. If you want to show your support for Syncplay then please consider drawing a picture and sending it to urizieli [at] as our chief programmer would really appreciate that.

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