Syncplay 1.2.8 has arrived!

Posted by Etoh on April 27, 2014

Backwards compatible with 1.2.x as usual. Available from:

Important fixes:

  • Important bug fix so that Syncplay works with MPC-HC 1.7.4.
  • Fixed issue with VLC and Windows XP (reported by /u/supersaw7)
  • Allow command line interface to be opened without PySide being installed
  • Fixed makefile handling of single user installations (code contributed by joelixny)
  • Fixed MPC-HC failure if loading file on launch too slowly

Other highlights:

  • Added initial support for DVD sync with VLC
  • Information about other rooms is not displayed on OSD by default
  • Room user list now ordered alphabetically

See for a full list of changes. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release (including code contributor blaenk)!

Got idea, feedback, or bug reports? You can:

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