Syncplay 1.3.0 Beta #2

Posted by Etoh on January 25, 2015

In addition to managed rooms (the new name for ‘controlled rooms’), the second beta includes a major new feature that allows for viewers to indicate that they are ready to watch. Please let us know what you think by e-mailing

To accommodate this change, the interface has also been re-worked. Check out the “Window” menu item if you want to bring playback controls back into the main window.

New beta Windows installer available from:[2015_01_25].exe
Portable Windows version is available from:
(If you are using the Git version of Syncplay, just update to Git HEAD)

Note (2015-01-25): The public servers will not be updated to support 1.3.0 until tomorrow, so you’ll need to run your own server to try out these features.

Minor changes:

  • Some VLC bugfixes
  • Allows for longer offsets (to support chapter offsets with VLC)
  • Changes default program to run syncplay (python to python2) in *nix
  • Adds “load media stream URL” menu item to main GUI.

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