Syncplay 1.3.0 beta (try it now!)

Posted by Etoh on December 06, 2014

Syncplay 1.3.0 has support for Controlled Rooms, includes translations into Russian and German, has better support for mpv, VLC and *BSD, and various GUI improvements.

Controlled rooms allows you to create ‘rooms’ where only those with the right password can seek, pause and unpause. See for more details.

See for the full list of changes. Thanks to all who contributed (inc. BrokeRU, DerGenaue  and nilsding for their translations and nilsding again for initial *BSD support)!

Want to test it out? Linux/OSX/*BSD users should simply use the git HEAD. For those wanting a Windows installer, you can get it from[2014-12-06].exe (Note: URL will change as new if new beta is released).

If you are having problems or want to give feedback (or indeed ask to help Syncplay support more languages) then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Github users can also create an issue, or you could tweet us @syncplay.

The next version of the beta should also have the ‘Are you ready?’ feature.

p.s. There are two known bugs with Syncplay 1.3.0 on OSX. One is that menu bars don’t show up (so you can only create a controlled room in –no-gui mode) and the other is that there are problems opening files by dragging it into Syncplay. If you’re an OSX developer feel free to fix it and give us a pull request”

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