Syncplay 1.3.4

Posted by Etoh on October 12, 2015

Syncplay 1.3.4 RC2 has now been designated as “Final”. If you had that version then you do not need to upgrade.

Windows installer:
Windows portable:

New and changed in Syncplay 1.3.4:

  • ! (mpv) If mpv becomes unresponsive try to guess position for 60 seconds then give a critical error [RC2]
  • ! (mpv) Prevents reset of room position when someone joins with no file
  • ! Prevents file path from being sent to server (fixes bug introduced in Syncplay 1.3.2)
  • * (UI) Updated German translation, e.g. for new features (contributed by DerGenaue)
  • * (GUI) Improve performance of file checking feature (moved folder scanning into separate thread and added caching and 2 min auto re-check)

The ‘double click to switch media’ feature works as follows:

  1. In the Syncplay configuration GUI, go to the ‘Misc’ tab and enter the directories where you store your videos into the “Directories to search for media” list. Syncplay looks through these lists recursively, so you don’t need to list sub-folders. WARNING: Because Syncplay will look through the sub-folders recursively, don’t select a directory with hundreds of sub-folders!
  2. When the main Syncplay GUI window is open, if someone else is playing something which is in one of these media folders (or the folder of the currently playing file) then an icon will appear next to the filename in the list of who is playing what. If you double click the filename it will switch to that file.
  3. If someone is playing a media stream (e.g. a YouTube video in mpv or VLC) then a different icon will appear in the list of who is playing what, and you can double click this to switch to that stream (assuming your media player supports that type of stream). Note: mpv works best with Syncplay for streams.

If you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( Github users can also create an issue.

3 Comments to Syncplay 1.3.4

  • I’m running windows 8 and after setting everything up and clicking the store configuration and run syncplay, it sometime crashes and says syncplay has stopped working. What do i do?


    • Some questions for you Jacob:
      1) What media player are you using?
      2) What version of that media player are you using?
      3) Are you using a vanilla installation of that media player, or any unusual codecs, plugins, settings, etc?
      4) How long after Syncplay runs does it usually crash?
      5) What anti-virus are you running?

      If the issue is with mpv, then that should hopefully be fixed with Syncplay 1.4.0 and I’m hoping to get a version of that out soon.

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