Syncplay 1.4.0 (Final)

Posted by Etoh on December 23, 2016

The final version of Syncplay 1.4.0 is out. Thanks to all who have contributed to and supported this release!

Download links:

Windows installer:
Windows portable:
Linux Tarball:
Source code repository:

Syncplay is not properly supported on Mac as none of the core Syncplay developers have a Mac. If you know any good OS X Python developers then please ask them to help resolve our outstanding OS X issues.

Notable change in Final (compared to RC4):

  • Fixed issue with VLC 2 on Linux (#125 reported by blaenk)
  • Fixed VLC issue when lua is in lib64 directory (#103 reported by abhsag24, fixed by daniel-123)
  • Increased timeout thresholds for caching folders (#130 raised by Ghosthree3)

Notable changes in 1.4.0 (compared to 1.3.4)

  • The new Shared Playlist feature means anyone can add a file to a joint queue, and when you get to the end of one file it will automatically load the next one and rewind.
  • Improved compatibility with VLC, mpv, MPC-HC and Unicode
  • Additional Russian messages translated by Corwin
  • …the full Syncplay 1.4.0 changelog is available at:

Note: For the new shared playlists feature to work you will need to tell Syncplay the directories where it should try to find the files. Please ensure the media directories you specify do not have way too many files in them or it will take too long to scan.

Contact us

As usual, if you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Github users can also create an issue, or you could tweet us @syncplay or like us on Facebook.

12 Comments to Syncplay 1.4.0 (Final)

  • Thank you guys. Such a niche software but you wouldn’t believe how handy it is. It should be part of the VLC by default, its so good.

  • Playlist doesn’t work if the next file is longer than the previous one. I think because it rewinds BEFORE after moving to the next file, which it can’t as the end time is not the same. Needs to be rewinded before moving to the next file I think… Thanks for an incredible work, too bad the playlist does not work 🙁

  • Thank you a lot for this software.. It would be sad if it would get lost one day.. is there anything that can be helped for retaining your website or at least software itself? I was thinking at least a torrent file for each version you make..

    • I’m glad you like the software. Torrents can disappear as easily as everything else, so it’s not really a solution. Syncplay is open source, so anyone can make their own backup of the source code.

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