Syncplay 1.5.0

Posted by Etoh on November 16, 2017

Syncplay 1.5.0 is now available! The two headline feature are:

  • Text-based chat support – The new chat feature allows you to write messages in Syncplay to others in the same room. You need to be connected to a server running on Syncplay 1.5.0 such as the official public servers. Chat messages are sent in plaintext so Syncplay should not be used to share private or confidential information. You can disable chat on your server with the –disable-chat command line switch.
  • Mac OS X support –  Many have requested better OS X support and a number have made significant contributions to move us in that direction, but massive thanks to albertosottile for finally getting us to a point where we have a solid .dmg file that people can use. Please let us know whether or not this works for you (and your version of OS X) by e-mailing

Download links:

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.0_Setup.exe (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 01afd3edbeb8ebe1d400009eb501eeff
SHA-1: 7815e047d3693f2a7a2625cd2093460d3df78b1a
SHA256: 0597233b00f5118aea07cf637333427fb6eebba8db07d75fa6feef1d305a0093

Hashes for (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: afd3b52f5bee1940594c79509b2be371
SHA-1: 56a992f2812c6290e2d06147ae0a339ccc603c20
SHA256: 604eadbf77c969a06234a151d4b76641d10785ca9e1521e56aa183501290faaf

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.0.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: 1de2e45ba891a481cf6df2464d89c49f
SHA-1: fdf8ebecdd7b0ae3631abbcc6c4e94790acaacc3
SHA256: 26ddea5cd78cc43051f5d01ff1685d0c86a67d9118e546e1430953478037320b

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti (.exe, .dmg, .zip) and VirusTotal (.exe, .dmg, .zip). Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is unsigned software downloaded from the Internet that is not widely used. If you’re concerned by this then just run the Syncplay source code directly as it is open source software. 


  • + Initial chat support [based on #90 by abhsag24]
  • + Initial proper support for OS X [thanks to albertosottile et al. – based on PRs #143#145#148#150, and fixes issues #60, #116, #89 #142#146, etc]
  • + Added about box (albertosottile)
  • * Manually changing playlist item now also seeks to start of file (suggested in #138 and on IRC)
  • * Various GuiConfig tweaks to increase usability (e.g. only ask for password on servers and don’t ask for media file path by default)
  • * Increase retries and reduce retry delay (suggestion #122 by alok0)
  • * Introduced a maximum username limit of 16 characters (#160 – thanks to everyone who part in the poll)
  • * Changed “Shuffle playlist” into “Shuffle remaining playlist” and “Shuffle entire playlist (discussion at #152 including suggestion by xNinjaKittyx)
  • ! Fixed Unicode issue that occurred when adding files from unknown folders that contained UTF-8 characters (PR #133 based on issue #131 by DarkNikGr)
  • ! Fixed issue when running mpv using –msg-module (reported in issue #134 by Felhamed)
  • ! Fixed some bugs with getting to the end of the file in VLC (albertosottile & Et0h)

Known issues:

  1. A few dialogues look at bit weird on OS X. This should be fixed when we move away from Pyside1. Discuss the move away from Pyside1 at #152.
  2. If you are having stability issues with mpv on Windows then try running it with the command line switch –opengl-backend=win. If you want streaming to work with mpv then you will need the latest version of YTDL.
  3. If you are using MPC and pauses are ignored then it is probably because you are using madVR. If you are have set the video filter to madVR then you will need to revert to the default filter or disable the ‘delay playback start until render queue is full’ option within madVR.

Contact us

As usual, if you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Github users can also create an issue, or you could tweet us @syncplay or like us on Facebook.

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