Syncplay 1.5.2 Beta #2 – Enhanced mpv chat support

Posted by Etoh on January 14, 2018

Enhanced chat support for mpv is ready for testing.

You can e-mail us feedback via or use the dedicated feedback issue at

Features new in Syncplay 1.5.2:

  • You chat straight from mpv. By default you press enter, write your message, then press enter again. There is also an optional mode so you can start typing straight away.
  • You can how see multiple chat messages at once in a ‘chat room’ style or a ‘scrolling text’ style.
  • New ‘Chat’ tab in the Syncplay configuration dialogue. To get to this check ‘Show more settings’ in the normal dialogue.
  • (Experimental) Enter the commands from the command line interface mode straight into Syncplay by prefixing your message with “/”, e.g. “/u” to undo last seek and “/t” to toggle whether you are in ready mode.

Features new in Beta #2:

  • Fix to bug with % symbol being used in chat or filenames
  • Introduction of font multiplier so lower number fonts are useful
  • Various visual tweaks as to how input and output are displayed
  • Improved support for non-US ASCII characters (such as é) in mpv chat input
  • Increases to chat and username limit (requires server to run Beta 2 for maximum limit – public servers have not been updated yet)

Download links:

Known limitations:

  • You need to be using mpv >= v0.28.0 for the On-Screen Controller to be hidden during chat (e.g. to avoid it overlapping with the text input when it is positioned at the bottom)
  • Not all responses to /commands are relayed to mpv and only appear in the Syncplay notification window. If you want to fix this then feel free to make a Pull Request!

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.2_Beta_2.exe (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 7352b478bd584cae21ac9c0c7cb034b3
SHA-1: fc04083ea0f3f30961d3b72664fbfb26e73f588b
SHA256: 77e4ff81c2995123889709529f48b2068b5bdb9da3d5bf5abcd1c43be5a9be72

Hashes for (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: e68b8aee6c3f06b5da2dbd57110f97aa
SHA-1: eaa2015576e0de271373d23cd4295a7ce741ba51
SHA256: c0e6e600a4886a293e3988d112f05bf25a273045e5159a226fc1b484758a0d7d

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.2_Beta2.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: f2d0d0da91c71b8266efd3b1a78415fe
SHA-1: ac92a347f4ee5206d95b0ea8438af15af024ea97
SHA256: 714861a32b8e0c866eada0b8bdbfae4c8c141d09c6dfcd70803b328b0a1a4911

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti (.exe, .zip, .dmg) and VirusTotal (.exe, .zip, .dmg). Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is niche software downloaded from the Internet but as we are open source anyone can audit our code if they wish to do so.

Contact us

As usual, if you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Github users can use the dedicated feedback issue at

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