Syncplay 1.5.6 Beta #2

Posted by Etoh on July 29, 2018

Python 2 is being officially retired in 2020, and so it is important for Syncplay to begin the transition to Python 3. For Windows this currently means Python 3.5, but for other platforms we now support Python 3.4-3.7. Beta 2 fixes some bugs introduced in Beta 1 and adds support for anonymous statistics collection for the server – see for instructions.

Note: Due to changes in how the Syncplay configuration file is saved you may have difficulty reverting from Syncplay 1.5.6+ back to Syncplay 1.5.4 or earlier. If you care about this then backup your syncplay.ini/.syncplay file prior to testing out Syncplay 1.5.6+. Going from 1.5.6+ to 1.5.5 should be fine.

P.S. The server guide has been updated by albertosottile to explain how to run a server on macOS:

Syncplay 1.5.6 Changelog:

  • Transition to Python 3, and move Windows builds to PySide2. Python 3.4+ is now required to run Syncplay (for those not using pre-built versions of Syncplay), and Python 3.5 is required for Windows developers. (Issue #169 by FSMaxB with input by albertosottile, xNinjaKittyx, and et0h) resolved by PR #191 (by albertosottile with support from xNinjaKittyx, wiiabo and et0h)
  • Code syntax refactoring (#195 by xNinjaKittyx with code review by albertosottile and et0h)
  • Introduction of anonymous server statistics (#196 by albertosottile, with code review by Uriziel and et0h)

See for an explanation of all the Syncplay features.

Download links:

Hashes for Syncplay-1.5.6-Beta2-Setup.exe (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 62fedb9e5aa5a7f59bfdf4bbeba6ffa8
SHA-1: 7b502beb2f9f927ad13218c7e044a182182f7cdc
SHA256: 1fca180bf573ca1e4fc9619c0277bef11f4d5045377fdfb0674333b515c65340

Hashes for (confirm with Microsoft’s File Checksum Integrity Verifier)
MD5: 0912c8893dd83b369c932f9cff23d27a
SHA-1: d3cb0cf2a59eabfecb16e59d9fef1d2070727106
SHA256: 4c70a78cd5293cb393e2f8c986bcd748ecb340c62823923de108f5ab562fd9d9

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.6_Beta2.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: 3e9f84817cf48df2eb25728392a49d62
SHA-1: 5af8f24eb539f2e5b8628e17febf00756d4b035d
SHA256: 03fb363eebe7d1a8635f94cc9f6617d2157fef182a855fb5bc71f700200fbe4f

Hashes for Syncplay_1.5.3a_macOS_legacy.dmg (confirmable using QuickHash GUI)
MD5: dae13b67f7329f079b1d4f892cbc736a
SHA-1: 8dbde989bb808ab6975617889a826ddde7ac2f59
SHA256: fa1a370aded3e7da3413a3f3a005165e420fcd2eb334ed23cfccedbfd45f8ec3

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg) and VirusTotal (.exe, .zip, .dmg, legacy .dmg). Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is niche software downloaded from the Internet but as we are open source anyone can audit our code if they wish to do so.

Contact us

As usual, if you are having problems or want to give feedback then please e-mail us ( or chat with us on IRC (#syncplay on Issues can be raised and discussed at

Thank you for flying with Syncplay!


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