Syncplay 1.6.5 Beta 1

Posted by Etoh on May 30, 2020

Improved support for all of the players (including fixing issues which made newer versions of mpv not work), new support for, various language tweaks and the addition of Brazilian Portuguese translation? Check.

Various tweaks and enhancements, including simple wildcard matching for trusted domains, allowing for playlsits to be loaded from files, and allowing for room operator passwords to be specified when joining a room for auto-authentication, and various other improvements and buf fixes? Yes, it’s all in the changelog.

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Changelog for Syncplay 1.6.5:

  • Added initial support for (issue #246 raised by Z3ROGRAV1TYx  and resolved by Et0h with support from stax76)
  • mpv: Moved from STDN/STDOUT to using iwaltons3’s library JSON-IPC library to support mpv > 0.32.0 (#261 raised by wiiaboo and again in #286 by da-moo, resolved by Et0h in #310)
  • Add Brazilian Portuguese translation (#291 by AtilioA)
  • Allow loading of playlists from a file (Et0h)
  • Allow managed room password to be specified in room name for auto authentication, e.g. by joining +RoomName:E974AACDBEC6:MA-746-375 (Inspired by #216 raised by jimmydorry , added by Et0h)
  • Add simple wildcard matching mechanism for trusted domains (#306 by seitokaichouseitokaichou)
  • VLC: Resolve issues with some Snap configurations (#301 raised by nlieb and partially resold by bobismijnnaam and Et0h)
  • macOS: Improve language detection/choice, e.g incorrectly showing German menus (#268 raised by Duamer and #288 raised by v-ji and others , both resolved by albertosottile)
  • Allow seamless advancement of music files in the playlist (by Et0h, see #302 for discussion)
  • Change of behaviour and fixes to how pause and seek work on joining a room to reduce playback disruption (#315 by Et0h)
  • Workaround performance regression in mpv’s osd code (#295 & #296 by FichteFoll)
  • Fixed issue with TLS on some systems, e.g. Fedora 31 (#292 raised by Phidica, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Fixed trailing newlines break message (#300 raised by lc-guy, resolved by Etoh)
  • mpv: Improve error handling and display meaningful advice if load fails (#270 raised by Gnuxie, resolved by Et0h)
  • mpv: Add Turkish characters to chat input (#314 by lilcsz, resolved by Et0h)
  • Fixed chat font change not being stored (#281 raised by SingerCo, resolved in #311 by NoahSaso)
  • Improved/updated German translation (#287 by v-ji/Viktor)
  • Misspell: change “inteface” to “interface” (PR #247 by Lqlsoftware)
  • Remove ruby reinstall workaround for openssl, as not needed (#279 by palfrey)
  • TLS: Add error message if SAN doesn’t match hostname (#253 by kidburglar)
  • Various fixes and tweaks, including avoiding a “You are all alone” messages on connect (Et0h)
  • Add Python 3.8 to list of supported versions (#304 raised by ElDavoo, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Makefile: Create pixmaps folder if it doesn’t exist (daniel-123)
  • Fixed setClient typo (#282 raised by Siky, resolved by Et0h)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Syncplay 1.6.5!

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