Syncplay 1.6.6 Beta 1

Posted by Etoh on October 08, 2020

Syncplay Download links (hosted by GitHub):

Note: Those experiencing problems running Syncplay on Fedora should refer to the advice in #355.

Other relevant links:

New features:

  • Room history feature (#336 & #337 by Gbd199, with additional coding by Et0h)
  • Ability to control playlist from console, chat and mpv chat (#327#316 and #319 – initial code by csandras05 with additional code by odrling and et0h
  • MPV: Add possibility to control which socket to use (#320 by TaPO4eg3D and young-shounen)

Changes and bug fixes:

  • Move to Twisted for VLC communication (#353 by albertosottile)
  • Add warning about erroneous VLC seeks and incompatibility with VLC 4 and always update VLC syncplay.lua (#354 raised by AustinSumigray, code by et0h)
  • Allow = sign in value of command line options again (#333 raised by alexbobp and Spincervino, resolved by et0h)
  • Fix “Unhandled Error” issue (#352 raised by gnull, resolved by et0h)
  • Allow PySide2 5.15.1 (#327 raised by odrling, resolved by daniel-123)
  • Changed mpvnet icon from .ico to .png for consistency (#348 by mentofa123)
  • Fixed MPC crashes when trying to open YouTube videos with emojis (#328 by borislav-draganov)
  • Fix error with double quotes in mpv chat messages (#329 raised by KanChiMoe, resolved by et0h)
  • Disable native wayland for snap (issue resolved by daniel-123)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

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