Syncplay 1.6.7

Posted by Etoh on December 12, 2020

Syncplay Download links (hosted by GitHub):

Note: Those experiencing problems running Syncplay on Fedora should refer to the advice in #355.

Note: If you are using macOS via Apple Silicon / ARM then you will need to use Syncplay via Rosetta 2. See #368 for details.

Other relevant links:

Headline changes:

  • Fix Syncplay v1.6.6 VLC connection issue (#365 raised by smiba  and JacopoMolteni, resolved by Et0h)
  • Add support for IINA player (#360 by albertosottile) – Note: IINA does not support the in-player chat input feature, so you must use the Syncplay chat box.
  • Add Turkish translation (#364 by muaz742)
  • Update Russian translation (#363 by OlegSmelov)

Tweaks and minor fixes:

  • Update version of py2exe used (albertosottile)
  • Move python_mpv_jsonipc to the vendor folder (#369 by albertosottile)
  • Actually save/load autoplayRequireSameFilenames (Et0h)
  • Make language list alphabetical for consistency (Et0h)

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release, including those credited above.

Virus scans for Windows executables

Note: This open source software has been marked as clean by Jotti and VirusTotal. Syncplay might be flagged as suspicious by some anti-malware systems simply because it is niche software downloaded from the Internet but as we are open source anyone can audit our code if they wish to do so.


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