Syncplay 1.2.7 RC2 has arrived

Posted by Etoh on November 16, 2013

The second release candidate of Syncplay 1.2.7 is available from:

Update: See Syncplay RC3.

Note: For VLC to work interface file logging needs to be enabled – this is fixed in RC3.

In addition to the general changes in Syncplay noted in  the 1.2.7 RC1 release notice, we have some bug fixes and general improvements for RC2:

  1. Syncplay support for VLC 2.1+ on Windows – Works, except if you don’t have the Syncplay script installed it will not use the version in the Sycplay folder due to that functionality being removed from VLC.
  2. Fixed the issue with utf8 filenames hashing
  3. Fixed error that could occur when processing an empty player list (thanks to SchrodingersScat for reporting this issue)

Still waiting to hear back from MyAnimeList regarding getting access to their API. Until then the MAL functionality will probably remain broken.

As always, you can discuss this release in the #Syncplay IRC channel on freenode. If we’re not around you may have to idle on the channel to get a response, but we will read everything that is posted.

P.S. Thank you to our first third-party Syncplay donor!

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