Syncplay 1.7.1 Release

Posted by Etoh on November 25, 2023

Syncplay Download links (hosted by GitHub):



Headline changes:

  • Adding –interface-ipv4 and –interface-ipv6 command line switches to server to allow better control over binding to interfaces (#582 by @powerjungle)
  • Now offering a SyncplayConsole.exe bundle. This is a command line version of the Syncplay client for Windows (#630 / #450 suggested by @siferati and coded by @Et0h).
  • AppImage support discontinued (#643).
  • Use PySide6 Python >= 3.12 and continue to use it macOS (#645 by @luk1337)


  • Re-work readiness notifications for non-operators (#607 raised by @BlepBlep and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Show current offset in set offset dialog (#642 suggested and tested by @Xeiv, resolved by @Et0h)

Bug fixes and maintenance:

  • Fix ArchLinux GUI TypeError (#600 raised by @YamiDoesDev and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Playlist restoration should not undo clearing actions (#609 raised by @gavtroy and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Support player arguments like –no-border in mpv (#616 raised by @ducreyna  and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Ensure MPC-HC resets position on playlist change (#618 raised by @mbalandis and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Define desktop filename for Wayland compliance to fix icon (#627 by @z411)
  • Fix offset sub-second precision bug (#642 identified @Xeiv, resolved by @Et0h)
  • Remove broken setAlignment calls (#646 by @luk1337)
  • Don’t pass empty model to QCompleter (#647 by @luk1337)

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