Syncplay 1.7.2 Release

Posted by Etoh on April 06, 2024

Syncplay Download links (hosted by GitHub):



Improvements, bug fixes and maintenance:

  • Add new per-user path (#659 by @soredake)
  • Pass input-ipc-server player argument to mpv (#529 and #669 raised by @ahmubashshir and @soredake and @iamkroot resolved by @Et0h et al)
  • Fix –no-gui PySide dependency issue on non-Windows OS (#653 raised by @reboot-mk, resolved by @Et0h)
  • Fixed German Translation and added more Translated Strings (#649 by @maxwai)
  • Remove adding executable permissions to .desktop files (#667 raised by @notpeelz and resolved by @daniel-123)
  • Allow player arguments with spaces/quotes (#665 and #668 raised by @zuluwi  and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Fixed MPC-HC hanging issue involving ‘LRESULT’ error (#664 raised by @RFOyashiro and resolved by @Et0h)
  • Add missing dependency to deb package (@daniel-123)
  • Don’t log all 32/64-bit cryptography ‘frozen zipimport’ errors (@Et0h)
  • Provide more information on PySide load failure (@Et0h)
  • Avoid error when closing Syncplay before loadDelayedPath is complete (@Et0h)

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